Alpaca accessories complete the outfit

Our accessories, made of the best alpaca fiber on the market, have received a lot of praise from our customers for their comfort and longevity. All our accessories are made in small Finnish weaving mills.

Accessories, like our other products, can be used all year round. The product made of high-quality alpaca fiber is very breathable and does not itch the skin and stays clean for a long time.

8 products
  • 8 products
    Alpaca Tube Scarf
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    Skiers, skiers, cyclists, motorcyclists, joggers and backpackers, hey!

    We have a great new product for all kinds of adventures. Our alpaca wool tube scarf is a hiker's dream.

    The unpolished and windproof scarf is made of 100% Royal Alpaca fiber. Thanks to its top-quality raw material, this knitted scarf does not itch or irritate the skin. Alpaca Royal is also hypoallergenic.

    The breathable but warm knitwear is thin and light. A small scarf is handy when traveling. It fits in your pocket or you can wear it on your head.

    We thank black, graphite gray, dark brown, camel-colored and beige alpacas for the beautiful natural colors. There are no dyes or chemicals in these scarves. All Pure Nature!

    The tube is sized for an adult. We have made the tube so narrow that when moving it stays close to the neck and it fits under the collar of the jacket.
    • Dimensions: height 35 cm, width 26 cm.
    • Weight: 55 g

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    Alpaca beanie
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    A perfect, timeless alpaca beanie in beautiful natural alpaca colors that matches any outfit.

    Our beanie is suitable for men, women and children (from 6 months) and retains its stylish appearance for a long time. If you only get one headpiece, it's this one.

    The warm and breathable alpaca beanie repels moisture and is hypoallergenic. Our alpaca beanie is suitable for outdoor activities (from jogging to ice skating and everything in between) and for neat dressing.

    In the manufacture of our products, special attention has been paid to sustainability and high-quality raw materials. The material is 100% Royal alpaca (≤ 18 microns). Alpaca hats are made in Finland.

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    Alpaca scarf
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    A high-quality, natural and soft alpaca scarf will crown your outfit and keep you warm.

    Ruukin Kehräämö 100% Alpaca Royal scarf woven,  stylish and soft. The scarf is also wonderful as a shawl. Our scarves are suitable for both women and men.

    The scarves are classic, individual and made of undyed alpaca fiber. Our alpaca scarves are lightly felted on the surface, which makes them easy to care for and they last completely unchanged and wrinkle-free year after year.

    In the manufacture of our products, special attention has been paid to sustainability and high-quality raw materials. The material is 100% Royal alpaca (≤ 18 microns). The scarves are woven in a small Finnish loom.

    Size: 160 cm x 45 cm.


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    Alpaca legwarmers
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    Wonderfully soft and warm alpaca leg warmers are made of 100% Suri alpaca yarn.

    Our suri alpaca yarn is slightly fluffy and it makes the most beautiful leg warmers. These stylish are also suitable for neat dressing to warm your calves. They are also wonderful when lounging on the couch at home or  moving around in the freezing cold of winter. The undyed and untreated alpaca fiber retains all its properties typical of alpaca fiber.

    Leg warmers are a great gift idea for a loved one!

    Tip: Try using the leg warmers as sleeves.

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    Alpaca Royal tube scarf and beanie
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    Beanie (Color)
    Tube scarf (Color)

    The warmest and softest gift for a loved one or yourself!

    Made from the best alpaca fiber on the market, the Alpaca Royal alpaca tube scarf and alpaca beanie warm the body and mind.

    This luxury-quality combination is suitable for both hikers and city dwellers, as the alpaca beanie and tube scarf are stylish and versatile. Thanks to the soft, high-quality and untreated Royal alpaca fiber, alpaca knits breathe, repel water and dirt, do not itch and do not pill.

    You can choose a beanie and tube scarf with a color combination that suits you. All natural alpaca shades match each other. This combination is suitable for both children and adults, as the living alpaca fiber adapts to the user.

    The products of the Alpaca Royal collection are made from the best 100% Royal alpaca fiber (≤18 µm) on the market. Thanks to their fine quality fiber, the products of the Alpaca Royal family remain unchanged in appearance even for years and are very durable. You don't need to wash the sweaters much, Alpaca wool does not bind odors, but often just airing the sweater is enough.

    In the manufacture of the sweater, special attention has been paid to responsibility. Our alpaca knits are not dyed. Each color is a genuine, original color of the alpaca that produces the wool. Thanks to the chemical-free production process, the properties of the top-quality fiber are transferred to the garment.

    Untreated Alpaca wool breathes and regulates body temperature, so the sweater always feels right against the skin. Even in the summer heat, the Alpaca Royal sweater feels pleasant. Alpaca wool repels water so well that even heavy rains do not wet the sweater. Alpaca Royal products are also hypoallergenic and do not sting even sensitive skin.

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    Unique Alpaca Scarves
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    100% alpaca scarf woven by hand in Finland.

    For those who value individuality and luxury.

    Ruukki's plush alpaca scarf always looks stylish. The scarf is warm and cool at the same time. It can be combined with both casual and party wear, also with an evening dress.

    The scarves are made on traditional looms in Mathildedal. The high-quality and untreated alpaca fiber ensures that the scarves will last unchanged year after year.

    In the manufacture of our products, special attention has been paid to responsibility and high-quality raw materials. The material is 50% Royal alpaca fiber and 50% Suri alpaca fiber. The scarf is luxuriously soft.

    Size: 60 cm x 260

    Each scarf is unique, you won't find another similar scarf from us or anywhere else!

    The most important features that improve user comfort and make our products a more responsible choice:

    • Made from the finest alpaca fiber on the market, incredibly soft and does not sting the skin
    • Undyed and untreated alpaca fiber retains its natural properties
    • Breathable and heat-regulating living fiber
    • Water and dirt resistance
    • Does not bind odors, often just airing is enough to freshen the garment
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Responsible production process, made in Finland
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    Alpaca Collar
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    Soft and luxurious 100% alpaca collar for women and men.

    A stylish collar made of running alpaca yarn also warms the shoulders and upper back.

    The collar is designed to be slightly longer so that it falls nicely over the shirt and looks good indoors too.

    The material is 100% Baby alpaca yarn. We do not dye alpaca products or treat them with chemicals, so alpaca fiber retains its typical superior properties.

    The collar is a versatile alternative to a neck scarf, shoulder scarf and tube scarf.

    Tip: For a child, the collar acts as a poncho and keeps the little person warm.

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    Alpaca Mittens
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    Alpakka Gloves - Warmth and comfort for the hands

    Are your fingers always cold? Try alpaca mittens and fall in love!

    Discover alpaca mittens, which combine incredible softness and first-class warmth. These mittens are made of high-quality alpaca wool, known for its excellent thermal properties and breathability.

    The most important qualities:

    • 100% Baby Alpaca: 100% high quality natural product that adapts to the user's hands.
    • Luxurious softness: High-quality alpaca wool is softer than sheep's wool, offering a pleasant feeling on the skin.
    • Thermal insulation: Keep your hands warm even in the coldest weather, because alpaca wool provides excellent thermal insulation.
    • Breathable and light: Untreated Alpaca wool is light and breathable and does not irritate the skin, even during long use.
    • Water and dirt resistance: Untreated Alpaca wool repels water and dirt.
    • Hypoallergenic: Perfect for sensitive skin, because alpaca wool does not contain lanolin, which causes an allergic reaction in sheep's wool.
    • Durable and natural: High-quality wool is naturally durable and environmentally friendly.
    • Undyed and untreated: The mittens are only available in natural alpaca colors, so the wool has retained all of its aforementioned properties.
    • Onesize: Suitable for people who use size 7-9 gloves.

    Alpaca mittens are perfect companions in the cold of winter, for outdoor activities, for the city, or for example as a stylish addition to a fashionable outfit. They are also perfect as a gift for loved ones who appreciate high-quality and practical accessories.

    The mittens are made in Peru from Peruvian threads. By choosing these fingers, you support indigenous alpaca farming and alpacas' well-being.

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