Values ​​- not just words, but the principles by which we operate


All our activities are based on strong expertise and a desire to raise the value of natural fibers, especially alpaca wool, in Finland.

Our know-how is based on more than 20 years of experience with alpacas and international scientific research evidence related to alpacas. From the beginning, the goal of promotion has been an animal with a healthy structure and plenty of fine fiber, grazing in a species-typical environment  in a species-typical way.

Breeding alpacas and processing alpaca fiber as well as running a spinning mill have made us comprehensive experts in our field. Our spinning operations started in 2012. Today, we are asked for advice by both educational institutions and many entrepreneurs operating in the field. We used to operate as a so-called  test laboratory for several projects dealing with various natural fibers at universities, universities of applied  sciences and colleges. 

Expertise is reflected in the quality requirements of our products and customer service. We are able to help you in many ways in choosing the right product, and we are happy to do so. Our goal is a happy user of our products!


Entire production chain is completely traceable back to the original fiber producers. The fiber delivered to us from outside EU has Fair Trade and RAS certificates. All our within EU operators we have accredited by our selves in accordance with our quality requirements.


    Alpaca product is a very ecological choice, it is never intensively produced. Originally living on the highlands of the Andes, the alpaca needs little water and food. It grazes on renewable natural meadows and does not ruin the soil. It is also a so-called toilet animal.

    In our own production, we strive for a process and end result that is as natural as possible, without any kind of chemical treatment (cf. e.g. merino wool superwash treatment). We only use alpaca's own basic colors, because more than 20 basic colors with numerous shades from white to true black makes it possible to find just the right shade for each customer.

    Our alpaca products comply with the principle of sustainable development throughout the production chain, from alpaca breeding to the final product. We also have a maintenance and recycling service.

    We design products to withstand time, consumption and trends. The industrially produced garments are sewn from pieces knitted into shape. If necessary, the already knitted garment can be disassembled back into yarn. The very fine Alpaca Royal (< 18 µm ) we use, is still very rare and therefore it is important that there is no waste.

    We consider ecology throughout the product's life cycle. As an example, in contrast to general operating methods, we have kept the delivery fee in our products. This way we avoid unnecessary returns and reduce the carbon footprint of our products. In addition, we compensate the carbon load caused by mailings by donating an amount corresponding to the carbon load to forest protection .


    For us, the term ethical means both ecological, social and financial responsibility. The well-being of animals is important to us and therefore we make sure our chosen partners' operating principles are in line with ours .

    We also support alpaca breeders of the indigenous people of Peru by encouraging them to do critical breeding work. For the alpaca fiber that meets our quality requirements, they receive a significantly better compensation than, for example, the so-called baby alpaca or superfine fiber (> 22 µm). We are also involved in the activities of the Queshua Benefit organization. Alpacas play an important role in breaking the cycle of poverty in South America.