Continuous development is impossible alone, and we are proud of our wonderful partners and mentors around the world.

We are grateful to the top knitting experts who have mentored us, the fashion design grand old lady Annuli Merkku, the textile artist Tuula Bergqvist , and the top designer YATI (2or+), originally from Hong Kong. They have helped us build and develop our operations and collection.

Owners and partner of Ruukkin Kehräämö

YATI, Sini and Leena


Alpaca breeders

50% of the raw materials (alpaca wool) of the Ruukin Kehräämö artisan yarns  come from domestic farms and the rest comes from European partners. Angora rabbit wool is obtained 100% from domestic breeders, e.g. from the Villiniityn tila, where rabbits live a peaceful rabbit life. If you wish, you can learn more about angora rabbits in our blog post .

The village alpacas of Mathildedal come from the JS' Alpacas breeder farm. JS' Alpacas breeding activity is based on breeding work to improve the quality of alpaca fiber and  healthy animals. We also buy alpaca fiber from other domestic farms, e.g. Merituulen alpacas and VAlpacas alpacas.

The Dutch farm Tienda Molino is focused on producing rare black alpaca wool. We buy our black fiber mainly from them. We have also started cooperation with another Dutch farm: Alpacahoeve Klinkenberg . We have also started cooperation with Amberly Alpacas from Ireland.

Industrially produced knitwear

We buy the threads for our industrially produced knitwear from native Peruvian spinning mill. Cooperation partners in Peru are, for example, The International Alpaca Association (AIA), which awarded us the Golden Alpaca Label as proof of the high quality of our products. We also cooperate with the research and breeding center Pacomarca . In addition, with our activities, we support the Peruvian non-profit organization Quechua Benefit , which helps the indigenous Peruvian people to take care of the well-being of both the alpacas and their families.

Several partners work with us in the production of industrial production in Finland, e.g. Ruukin Kutomo in Mathildedal, Al-Monityö in Hämeenlinna and Top Knit Oy in Siikainen. Our popular socks are made by Sukkamestarit Oy in Ylöjärvi. Our industrial knitwear collection is produced in a Lithuanian family business, because there is still no industrial knitting company in Finland that meets our quality requirements and is suitable for our yarn.

Top shearer in the team

Shearing is a critical step in the production process. The wool must be collected with professionalism and for the alpaca as stress-free and efficiently as possible. Chris Williams, an Australian top professional, a shearer with 30 years of experience, arrives in Finland in the spring and shears alpacas quickly and painlessly.