Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

Christmas gift ideas for the whole family. The warmest and softest Christmas gifts are made from high-quality Alpaca Royal alpaca fiber. Discover and fall in love!
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  • 3 products
    Alpaca Shampoo
    alpakka-keratiini-shampoo-hilse-kuiville hiuksille
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    Alpakka Keratin Shampoo

    A shampoo suitable for sensitive scalps and different types of hair, made from 100% natural ingredients.

    Ruukkin's Kehräämö Shampoo is a Luononkosmetika product made by hand from natural ingredients, which is suitable for all hair types. The shampoo is particularly gentle on the scalp, repairs hair damage and promotes healthy hair growth.

    With our shampoo's high-quality natural ingredients, you get healthy, strong and shiny hair. Keratin obtained from alpaca wool is particularly nutritious, strengthening the mechanical resistance, strength and flexibility of your hair. In addition to keratin, nettle, rosemary and birch create combable, shiny and strong hair. Nettle strengthens the hair and promotes its growth, shine and strength. Birch strengthens the hair from the roots, is gentle on the scalp and hair roots. Rosemary promotes hair growth, is soothing, prevents dandruff and hair loss.

    Our shampoo:

    • 100% natural raw materials
    • laboratory tested and EU certified
    • PH level neutral
    • suitable for all hair types
    • naturally antibacterial
    • no silicones
    • no microplastics
    • no oil-based ingredients (PEG and its derivatives)
    • no artificial colors
    • no artificial fragrances
    • no animal testing
    • biodegradable
    • lasting
    • foamy

    Packaging: 1x 250 ml, recyclable plastic bottle

    Manufacturer: Brittenberg Alpaca, Austria.

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    Unique Alpaca Scarves
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    100% alpaca scarf woven by hand in Finland.

    For those who value individuality and luxury.

    Ruukki's plush alpaca scarf always looks stylish. The scarf is warm and cool at the same time. It can be combined with both casual and party wear, also with an evening dress.

    The scarves are made on traditional looms in Mathildedal. The high-quality and untreated alpaca fiber ensures that the scarves will last unchanged year after year.

    In the manufacture of our products, special attention has been paid to responsibility and high-quality raw materials. The material is 50% Royal alpaca fiber and 50% Suri alpaca fiber. The scarf is luxuriously soft.

    Size: 60 cm x 260

    Each scarf is unique, you won't find another similar scarf from us or anywhere else!

    The most important features that improve user comfort and make our products a more responsible choice:

    • Made from the finest alpaca fiber on the market, incredibly soft and does not sting the skin
    • Undyed and untreated alpaca fiber retains its natural properties
    • Breathable and heat-regulating living fiber
    • Water and dirt resistance
    • Does not bind odors, often just airing is enough to freshen the garment
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Responsible production process, made in Finland
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    Alpaca Mittens
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    Alpakka Gloves - Warmth and comfort for the hands

    Are your fingers always cold? Try alpaca mittens and fall in love!

    Discover alpaca mittens, which combine incredible softness and first-class warmth. These mittens are made of high-quality alpaca wool, known for its excellent thermal properties and breathability.

    The most important qualities:

    • 100% Baby Alpaca: 100% high quality natural product that adapts to the user's hands.
    • Luxurious softness: High-quality alpaca wool is softer than sheep's wool, offering a pleasant feeling on the skin.
    • Thermal insulation: Keep your hands warm even in the coldest weather, because alpaca wool provides excellent thermal insulation.
    • Breathable and light: Untreated Alpaca wool is light and breathable and does not irritate the skin, even during long use.
    • Water and dirt resistance: Untreated Alpaca wool repels water and dirt.
    • Hypoallergenic: Perfect for sensitive skin, because alpaca wool does not contain lanolin, which causes an allergic reaction in sheep's wool.
    • Durable and natural: High-quality wool is naturally durable and environmentally friendly.
    • Undyed and untreated: The mittens are only available in natural alpaca colors, so the wool has retained all of its aforementioned properties.
    • Onesize: Suitable for people who use size 7-9 gloves.

    Alpaca mittens are perfect companions in the cold of winter, for outdoor activities, for the city, or for example as a stylish addition to a fashionable outfit. They are also perfect as a gift for loved ones who appreciate high-quality and practical accessories.

    The mittens are made in Peru from Peruvian threads. By choosing these fingers, you support indigenous alpaca farming and alpacas' well-being.

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