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Friendships as entrepreneurs

Alpaca Royal alpakkahuivit lähikuvassa Alpaca Royal alpakkahuivit lähikuvassa

High quality

Perulaisen alkuperäiskansan tärkein elinkeino on alpakoiden kasvatus Perulaisen alkuperäiskansan tärkein elinkeino on alpakoiden kasvatus

Responsible production chain

Photo: International Alpaca association Iaa

About Us

Alpaca clothing company - Ruukin Kehräämö

Ruukin kehräämö is a traditional Alpaca Clothing brand Company, a small business that specializes in selling alpaca garments. We offer a wide selection of high-quality clothing and accessories made from alpaca royal wool.

Our small spinning mill has been a pioneer in the production of high-quality alpaca products for 10 years. Our operations are based on the principles of sustainable development and expertise in alpaca fibers. Transparency is our most important value and our entire production chain can be traced back to the primary producers.

Buy the way: Did you know that the higher the quality of the alpaca fiber we use, the softer it feels against the skin and the better it withstands wear and tear?

Our clothing includes sweaters, shawls, scarves, hats, socks, gloves, and vests. As a specialized alpaca clothing manufacturer, we also sell yarn and custom-made garments made from alpaca wool.

All fiber/wool used in out yarns and knitwear is ethically sourced from alpaca farms in Peru or in Europe. We are 100% committed to using sustainable materials and processes, in order to keep our impact on the environment as low as possible. In addition to selling alpaca clothing, as a dedicated alpaca clothing brand company, we also provide information about the benefits of alpaca wool, as well as a blog that offers tips and advice for caring for alpaca garments.

Alpaca royal vs Alpaca baby

Alpaca Royal is a higher quality alpaca fiber than Alpaca baby or superfine. Alpaca Royal is considered a premium fiber, while Alpaca superfine is considered a mid-range fiber. Alpaca Royal is finer, softer, and more luxurious than Alpaca baby. Alpaca Royal is also more expensive than Alpaca baby.

Alpaca products online

Most of our products are available in our online store:

A unique manufacturer of high-quality alpaca products

When you visit the shop located in the unique iron mill village of Mathildedal in Finland, you can see the spinning mill at work and say hello to the village alpacas. You can also buy products in our online store.

Our selection includes products from two product families: industrially produced alpaca knits and artisan yarns spun in our spinning mill, as well as knitting instructions and knit kits suitable for our yarns.

How did it all start?

Although we mainly talk about alpacas, dogs are a huge part of our lives. The dogs brought us together in 1987 and later in 2012 to establish Ruukin Kehräämö. The shop is constantly visited by dog acquaintances from all over the world.

The first alpacas

Sini's first alpacas came from Chile in 2004. At first, the wool was sent to England to be spun, because the spinning mills in Finland at the time could not process fine alpaca fiber well enough. This is where the idea came from - having our own small spinning mill also enabled the long-term dream of working together. Even at the moment, Ruukin Kehräämö spinning mill is the only spinning mill in Finland that processes pure alpaca wool.