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Alpaca Royal

Luxury made by Nature


Ruukki Kehräämö's unique, high-quality and luxuriously soft products are made from the best 100% Alpaca Royal alpaca fiber on the market.

Using fine-quality fiber enables the production of a very thin, uniform quality and non-pilling yarn. This is how our products become durable, easy to care for and truly comfortable!

No dyes are used in our products, and the high-quality fiber is not treated with other chemicals. In this way, the alpaca fibre and the end product retain all the characteristics that only a high quality undyed alpaca fibre can have. Such as luxurious softness and lightness, thermal insulation and thermal regulation, water and dirt repellency, hypoallergenicity and it's antibacterial nature.

We rely on nature's own color map. All the colors of our products are natural shades of alpaca wool. Even the black thread is completely undyed.


Alpaca for the whole family

sormikkaat lämpimät
sormikkaat harmaat
Alpaca Collar
tyylikäs alpakka kauluri
Long Alpaca Knitted Dress
neulemekko naissille -musta
Alpaca silk linen yarn
Alpaca silk linen yarn

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Spring's most attractive yarns

For Knitters

Alpaca silk linen yarn
Alpaca silk linen yarn
100% Suri Alpaca yarn
100% Suri Alpaca yarn
Running alpaca silk thread
Running alpaca silk thread
kotimaiset langat
korkealaatuinen lanka neuleisiin

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Chosen by our customers

Our favorite product

Alpakkasukat - Ruukin kehräämö
Alpakka villa sukat
Pitkä polvipituinen alpakan villa sukka
Polvisukat - Ruukin kehräämö
alpakkapipot ruskean sävyisinä
Lämmin pipo talven pakkasiin
Tyylikkäät alpakkahousut
ALpakkajoggarit pitävät lämpimänä talvella
kotimaiset langat
korkealaatuinen lanka neuleisiin
Alpaca sweater with boat neckline
Alpakkaneule naiselle

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Visiting hours

Ruukinrannantie 6, Mathildedal

The shop is open at Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm. 

Warm welcome!

What a delightfully wonderful spinner's shop with its attractive, soft products. The service was friendly and knowledgeable.

To a young man ❤️ for know-how and a smile. Angora/alpaca/wild silk, which softens the hands when knitting, went on the needles.

Minna K.

A wonderful place and the most expert service.

The alpaca joggers set off, which will definitely become one of my favorite clothes.

I highly recommend visiting Mathildedal. There is enough to see and experience for several days.

Katri Lilja

Eyelashes frozen, toes not.

I've skated for four days straight now. More than 100 kilometers skated. It's been really bitterly cold and the knee-length alpaca socks have been great. The socks have been amazingly warm, used every day for 6 hours, over -20C in freezing temperatures. I recommend!

Katarina Laine

Thank you for the excellent service!

My alpaca sweater had a hole in the sleeve, but it was patched free of charge.

Eero Leskinen

THANK YOU for the excellent customer service, both in terms of concrete material, product, knowledge and meeting the customer even in a problem situation.

I warmly recommend Ruukki Kehräämö as a place to visit and do business, and also the "backstage" and natural environment are different and beautiful.

Raija Maija

High quality alpaca garments and yarn. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Ask them about the alpacas. 😊 It was very interesting to hear how they take care of their alpacas and how much care goes into each product.

Eva Nikkari

Lovely quality products 🥰

Jaana U.

You have a wonderful product and a place to work with heart. Lovely and customer-friendly people at work and cute alpacas!!!

Kaisa J.