Alpaca Royal products

Alpaca Royal products

100% Alpaca Royal is luxury created by nature.

Welcome to the world of Alpaca Royal alpaca products.

We are proud to present our unique selection of high-quality knitwear, where you can find a knitwear for almost every occasion.

Made from the best 100% Alpaca Royal alpaca fiber on the market, our products are luxuriously soft, stylish, timeless and fit well. They retain their appearance and properties for a long time.

In particular, our alpaca knits have been praised for their versatility and softness. The same sweater is suitable for both outdoor activities and representation all year round - even on the same day!

The production of our products uses as little water and chemicals as possible. Undyed alpaca fiber is alive and retains the natural properties of alpaca wool: thermodynamics, dirt, water and odor resistance and antibacterial properties. These features make our products both comfortable to wear and easy to care for.

Discover and be impressed!

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  • 19 products