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Care products

Care products for alpaca knits and sensitive fibers

You should take care of the condition of high-quality and valuable alpaca woolen sweaters. We have developed our own detergent for alpaca wool and delicate fibers. Find out now.

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    Wool detergent
    pesuaine, villanpesuaine, kotimainen
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    Ecological, environmentally friendly and sufficient detergent is suitable for both hand and machine washing and is an excellent stain remover!

    Ruukin Kehräämö wool detergent is designed specifically for alpaca wool in cooperation with Faintend Oy. The detergent is particularly suitable for all delicate fibers such as silk, cashmere, angora rabbit, etc.

    Ruukin Kehräämö wool detergent is based on a special surfactant patented by Finland's only surfactant manufacturer. The product manufactured in a family business in Salo has been developed especially with the properties of alpaca wool in mind. Fain surfactant has been found to be gentle on the skin based on clinical tests. The product rinses off easily and does not contain zeolite, phosphate, enzymes, bleaches or rinse agents. All detergent raw materials are biodegradable.

    The patented Fain technology used in the production of the Fain surfactant mixture does not cause emissions, waste water, noise or smell. It is environmentally friendly and consumes little energy.

    Package size 1 liter.

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