A high-quality sweater - Alpaca Royal it has to be

A high-quality sweater - Alpaca Royal it has to be

Are you tired of fast fashion and just want a high-quality and long-lasting sweater that you can use in any situation and that you know will always look stylish. Look no further because our customers already know it - Alpaca Royal sweater is the way to go.

Many people want a high-quality sweater, but too few know that a high-quality sweater can be made from alpaca wool, more precisely from 100%, soft and luxurious Alpaca Royal wool. These high-quality Alpaca Royal sweaters are manufactured and sold in Finland only by Ruukkin Kehräämö.

Customer research

We asked approx. 200 of our customers who bought why they chose our product.

Our Laadukas Neule customers know that

Figure 1. Our customers' answers to the survey: The most important feature of the product you bought?

  1. 84 customers answered: QUALITY
  2. 38 customers chose: COMFORT
  3. 30 customers reported: UNIQUE QUALITY
  4. 16 most important for customers: RESPONSIBILITY
  5. 14 customers voted: LONGEVITY
  6. 10 customers said: OTHER

Answers from our customers - High-quality sweater

Figure 1. Our customer's answers to OTHER: Everything, Warm, Light, Does not itch, Quality and responsibility, Model, Warmth, Your product, Good color options and a better model than others.

So if you have a high-quality sweater in mind, it's pretty safe to say that Alpaca Royal should be it.