"The world's best shampoo was unexpectedly found at Ruukki Kehräämö"

"The world's best shampoo was unexpectedly found at Ruukki Kehräämö"

Alpakka Shampoo in the test

I have always been a fan of tar shampoo and its blue bottle "very fine Finnish" shampoo. When I heard that a shampoo made from alpaca wool has been considered by many to be the best shampoo they've tried, I was very skeptical. However, curiosity arose. I googled more on the subject and learned that alpaca wool has very high concentrations of keratin, which is an important building material for skin, hair and nails. I had to test this out, and I ordered one of each from Ruukki Kehräämö, both Shampoo and other natural cosmetic products.

Can alpaca wool really make the best shampoo?

Yes you can! The first surprise for me was putting the shampoo on my palm and noticing that the smell is for some reason very similar to the tar shampoo, but if possible even better. The first time I had to wash my face with shampoo a couple of times because I couldn't get enough of the smell.

A very small amount of shampoo is enough, so it seems to be enough, although I have quite short hair, so maybe I'm not the best person to tell you how much shampoo is enough.

Based on the product description, the shampoo is moisturizing and, as I understand it, also suitable for dry hair. My hair is more oily than dry, so I can't comment on this either. At the same time, Ruukkin Kehräämö's hand cream is also in the test. We are currently testing it on my child's very bad atopic skin and based on the first few days it seems really good. At least the hand cream produced from alpaca wool moisturizes excellently, I don't see why the shampoo wouldn't work in exactly the same way for dry hair as well.

Alpakka Shampoo - more information

I'm really not a shampoo or hairstylist, but a basic engineer, which is probably why when something is so overwhelmingly the best and surprising, I have to investigate why. So I Googled and asked the artificial intelligence more about this Alpakka Shampoo, which completely surprised me.

In the wonderful world of the Internet, I found the following things:

  • Natural ingredients: Alpakka Shampoo contains 100% natural and nourishing ingredients, such as keratin, aloe vera and argan oil, which moisturize and strengthen hair.
  • No harmful chemicals: The shampoo does not contain sulfates, parabens or silicones, so it is gentle on the hair and scalp.
  • Environmental friendliness: Ruukkin Kehräämö Alpakka Shampoo is packed in recyclable packaging and its manufacturing process is ecological. The product is an EU-certified 100% Natural Cosmetics product.
  • Suitable for all hair types: Regardless of whether your hair is dry, oily or normal, Alpakka Shampoo treats and balances it effectively.
  • Excellent value for money: Alpakka Shampoo offers excellent value for money, as a small amount of product is enough to thoroughly wash the hair.

As surprising as it is to me, Alpakka Shampoo is really the best shampoo I've tried. For the majority of people, it is certainly important that the Shampoo is moisturizing or that it is suitable for dry hair or dry scalp, for me the most important thing is the smell and the quantity. Nothing is as annoying as the smell of "flower chemicals" when washing your hair, or when you have to add shampoo twice during washing when you feel that it is not enough.

I recommend everyone to test Alpakka Shampoo, and I promise that the surprise will be positive, this really is the best shampoo you can get for the money.

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