Tubular scarf - The same sweater for the whole family?

Tubular scarf - The same sweater for the whole family?

Tube scarf is familiar to many. I myself have used a tube scarf while riding motorcycles and mountain biking. The materials of tube scarves that I have used myself have been polyester, cotton or merino wool. When I first heard about the alpaca wool tube scarf and how it is suitable both for a party and for motorcyclists, I raised my eyebrows and thought that it was just like that. That the same accessory for dinner and motorcyclists? Doesn't sound very convincing.

However, my curiosity was aroused and I wanted to see for myself what this knitted alpaca tube scarf is all about.

Tube scarf in the test - Friday

I decided to order one of each color. If the tube scarf works even 50% according to the promises, then I really won't waste them.

When I received the Ruukki Kehräämö tube scarves after about five days in the mail (to Spain), the first thing I noticed was the high quality. The sweater is really thin and has a high-quality feel. Definitely not the kind of thick and "spiky" that I might have expected, because it's a woolen knit. You can see and feel the high quality as soon as you pick up the tube scarf. I wonder if I dare to wear this while cycling - it looks more suitable for women.

I showed the tube scarf to my wife and she immediately got excited about the colors and the high-quality feel. On the same day when we went out to eat, a tube scarf had appeared around her neck. I think it's really stylish and I'm told it's very comfortable.

Tube scarf in the test - Ruukkin Kehräämö

Tube scarf in the test - Saturday

The next day it rained and was quite cold, but I hadn't been cycling in two weeks and it was drizzling hard. I had also heard that motorcyclists had praised the alpaca tube scarf, and I have to admit that I wanted to test whether a knitted woolen scarf could be good when sweating - but it really doesn't sound comfortable.

It was raining really hard at times, I drove off-road for about 1.5 hours. The tube scarf was on my neck from the beginning, from where I took it off after about 1 hour of riding also under the helmet and to protect my ears.

Tube scarf in the test while cycling - Ruukkin Kehräämö

I am familiar with the merino wool tube scarf, as are other more traditional materials such as cotton and polyester. This Alpaca wool scarf is by far the best. Magic scarf was the word that came to mind. I made a video of the test, which is below.

In addition, the attractive smell of the tube scarf must be mentioned. I can't tell if the smell came from the alpaca wool, the manufacturing method, or my wife's perfume from the night before (yes, I used the same scarf), in any case, the smell was really pleasant.

Tube scarf in the test - Sunday

On Sunday, the sun was already shining and my daughter and I decided to go for a walk on the beach. The air was still cool and the wind was quite strong, I thought that let's test the tube scarf in such casual use. I had left the black scarf on the table, but it had already dried, my daughter chose a beige tube scarf.

Tube scarf in the test - Ruukkin Kehräämö

Tube scarf test summary

I became, not only a tube scarf fan, but an Alpaca wool fan. I am a passionate mountain biker, and I never would have thought that Alpaca wool or any other wool could work in rain and sweat without any problems. The only piece of clothing that felt dry all the time was a tube scarf. I've tried all kinds of special technical materials that cost many times over, but a tube scarf knitted from alpaca wool was simply the most functional garment.

The fact that the same piece of clothing is suitable for women for a party, or for children, in fact, for any use is pretty incredible. It remains to be seen whether we will have an argument about the tube scarf ;).

PS The smell is very pleasant even without perfume.

- Janne -

Alpaca Royal tube scarf

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