Children's Rights Day 20.11.

Children's Rights Day 20.11.
Ruukkin Kehräämö is involved in supporting the alpaca breeding of the indigenous population of Peru and improving the future prospects of children on alpaca farms. Happy Children's Rights Day and let's take care of each other. 🤗

The most important means of livelihood for families living in the highlands of Peru is alpaca breeding. The non-profit organization Quechua Benefit helps the owners to take care of the alpacas' well-being, but also ensures a better future for the family's children.

Thanks to the organization, families and especially small children receive preventive healthcare, e.g. in the treatment of parasites, anemia and teeth.

In the school run by the organization, children now learn to read and write Spanish, in addition to the traditional Quechua language.

The school is also accessible to children from mountain villages with difficult access, as the organization offers a place to live in addition to education.

Source: Quechua Benefit

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