Black alpaca is a rarity

Black alpaca is a rarity

In a previous information attack, we said that blue black alpaca is the only fiber used in the textile industry that can be completely black without dyeing. Thus, it is by far the most ecological option for making a black sweater. 🖤

Did you know?

Blue black alpaca rarity. 0.5% of Peru's alpaca population is now blue-black. The black Alpaca wool for Ruukkin Kehräämö comes from the Dutch farm Tienda Molino. In Finland, there are only a few alpacas with blue-black high-quality wool.

We are involved in supporting The Black alpaca project from Peru (in Queshua language: Yanapaco). The purpose of the project is to preserve the disappearing color of the blue-black alpaca. A unique genetic inheritance study has been started in the Pacomarca research center in a herd of 600 completely black alpacas.

Indigenous alpaca breeders are encouraged to breed black alpacas by rewarding them for breeding quality alpacas.

Photos: Alpaca Farm Tienda Molino

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