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Alpaca Royal tube scarf and beanie

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The warmest and softest gift for a loved one or yourself!

Made from the best alpaca fiber on the market, the Alpaca Royal alpaca tube scarf and alpaca beanie warm the body and mind.

This luxury-quality combination is suitable for both hikers and city dwellers, as the alpaca beanie and tube scarf are stylish and versatile. Thanks to the soft, high-quality and untreated Royal alpaca fiber, alpaca knits breathe, repel water and dirt, do not itch and do not pill.

You can choose a beanie and tube scarf with a color combination that suits you. All natural alpaca shades match each other. This combination is suitable for both children and adults, as the living alpaca fiber adapts to the user.

The products of the Alpaca Royal collection are made from the best 100% Royal alpaca fiber (≤18 µm) on the market. Thanks to their fine quality fiber, the products of the Alpaca Royal family remain unchanged in appearance even for years and are very durable. You don't need to wash the sweaters much, Alpaca wool does not bind odors, but often just airing the sweater is enough.

In the manufacture of the sweater, special attention has been paid to responsibility. Our alpaca knits are not dyed. Each color is a genuine, original color of the alpaca that produces the wool. Thanks to the chemical-free production process, the properties of the top-quality fiber are transferred to the garment.

Untreated Alpaca wool breathes and regulates body temperature, so the sweater always feels right against the skin. Even in the summer heat, the Alpaca Royal sweater feels pleasant. Alpaca wool repels water so well that even heavy rains do not wet the sweater. Alpaca Royal products are also hypoallergenic and do not sting even sensitive skin.

High quality
High quality
Social responsibility
Social responsibility
Made in Finland
Made in Finland
Responsible choice
Responsible choice
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Safe payment
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Genuinely nice

Our high-quality and luxurious products are made from the best 100% Alpaca Royal alpaca fiber on the market. This 18 micron fiber enables the production of a very thin, uniform quality and pilling-free yarn.

The finer the alpaca fiber is, the more comfortable it feels against the skin. That's why our clothes don't feel prickling (often familiar from woolen clothes). The fiber is so fine that you can put the sweater directly against the newborn baby's skin.

Alpaca fiber is a fat-free, hollow fiber with particularly good heat regulation ability. That's why alpaca knits and woven alpaca fabrics are warm, breathable and light. Alpaca fiber repels water and dirt, and odors do not stick to it.

No dyes are used in our products. We rely on nature's own color chart, and this way the finished sweater retains all its excellent properties typical of alpaca fiber.

With us, you wear genuine natural products. All the colors we use are natural shades of alpaca wool. Even the black thread is completely undyed.

Classic Nordic Design

Ruukin Kehräämö products are designed in Finland. Our scarves are woven in a Finnish weaving mill, and our beanies and socks are knitted in Finland. Our  knitwear collection is made in the Baltic's.

Our goal is to bring quality and everyday luxury into the lives of as many people as possible. Neatly finished and high-quality clothes do not wrinkle, but look well taken care of even after long wear. Thanks to the top-quality raw material, our sweaters do not pill and the stretch marks disappear perfectly when steamed.

The carefully made design and unpolished alpaca fiber guarantee the best possible comfort. Our multipurpose clothes are designed to withstand time and wear. The timeless, simplified design increases the lifespan of the garment.

We strive to create products that remain relevant year after year. We don't have seasonal products. All our clothes will remain in the collection as long as there is enough demand. In addition to women's and men's clothing, our clothing collection includes unisex products.

Responsible production

We import the alpaca yarns used in our products from Peru. Michell Group, our partner spinner, collects carefully selected Royal Alpaca quality fibers from local indigenous breeders.

For this quality, the grower gets double the price compared to coarser qualities. Ethical alpaca breeding is guaranteed by the RAS label (Responsible Alpaca Standard), which is granted to all breeders who supply alpaca fiber to the Michell Group.

Our clothes are knitted to shape. This way, the amount of cutting waste can be minimized. Defective products are taken back into yarn or used as part of another product. Nothing is wasted.

Because the dyeing process is omitted, only little water is used in production and, apart from detergent, no chemicals at all. In addition, we strive to use environmentally friendly options in all product details. That's why, for example, the zippers on our cardigans are made from recycled plastic.

The knitwear is easy to maintain: keep, air and keep.

Store the sweater in an airy and dry place, protected from pests. The knitwear is refreshed and smoothed by clever steaming. The sweater can also be brushed with a clothes brush intended for delicate sweaters.

If necessary, stain removal and/or washing with wool detergent by hand or with the washing machine's hand wash program at +30°C.

Remember that we have a repair service. In case of damage, send your sweater to be repaired. This is how we together increase the useful life of knitwear and save nature.

And when your favorite sweater is completely worn out, we accept it as a material to be processed again.

All orders are sent within 1-6 weekdays from the date of order, except during our holiday/ vacation time.

Handling and postage is 10 € in Finland (free >180 €), 30 € in Europe.

The subscriber has a 14-day exchange and return right. The right to exchange and return applies to unused and salable products in their original packaging.

The return of the order must be notified in advance using the return form or by email to .

1. Why don't we have any colorful knit wear?

Ruukkin Kehräämö's Alpaca Royal fiber is undyed. Each color is the true color of the original wool producing animal. Altogether, there are 22 basic colors of alpacas. This guarantees a wide and stunningly beautiful color palette.

Non-dyeing is an advantage of fiber, yarn and, above all, the finished knit. Harsh chemical processes; bleaching, dyeing, post-treatments and washing wear down the fibers and break their surface structure. The properties of the natural, minimally processed alpaca fiber are transferred directly to the garment. That's why Ruukkin Kehräämö's knitwear is not dyed.

When the knit reaches the end of its life cycle, the fiber continues its life. Undyed, non-chemically treated alpaca fiber is 100% biodegradable. Knitwear can also be torn back into fibers and recycled for reuse.

2. Why do our products have a delivery fee?

We want you not to make a hasty purchase decision, but to be sure of your choice when ordering the product. In Finland, up to 50% of e-commerce orders are returned. Postage has been found to significantly reduce the number of returns.

On average, the largest emissions of clothes sold in an online store come from the product itself (~83%), but transportation produces 14% of the emissions. If the product is returned, the transport emissions are doubled.

So we want to act responsibly both towards our customers and the environment. When you buy less, carefully and with better quality, the environment and your wallet will thank you.

Piqued your interest? Read more about the effect of transport on the emissions of an online store product.

3. Why don't we have discount campaigns?

We do not support fast fashion and quick purchase decisions. FOMO (Fear of missing out) is a commonly used method in marketing to get a customer to buy products that they don't necessarily need.

By limiting the offer to a certain time, consumers are tempted to make rash purchase decisions. Instead, we want you to be satisfied with your purchases from us and to use our products for a long time. You can always count on us to have the product at the same price, whether you make your purchase on Black Friday or a normal Sunday morning.

3. How can we guarantee that the yarn coming from Peru is responsibly produced?

In the mountains of Peru, alpaca breeding is the main livelihood. Up to 85% of the native population's income comes from selling alpaca wool. By buying wool from certain farms, we can ensure that the owner of the farm receives reasonable compensation for his work. Alpacas play an important role in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Ruukkin Kehräämö only uses high-quality and ethically produced, RAS-marked (Responsible Alpaca Standard) alpaca wool. Breeders belonging to Peruvian indigenous peoples tend their small herds with respect for nature. The organization we support, Quechua Benefit , helps the indigenous population to take care of the well-being of both the alpacas and their families.

For each batch of yarn that arrives at Ruukki Kehräämö, the fibers are collected separately from local small farms. Every fiber can be traced back to the premises and even to the animal. Growers get double the price for Alpaca Royal fiber compared to coarser fibers.

4. How can we guarantee that neither the angora rabbits nor the alpacas suffer during the wool picking?

Alpaca and angora rabbit are wool producing animals. They have been bred to produce wool, like merino sheep. Not shearing a wool-producing animal is harmful to the animal, because the wool does not stop growing at a certain length, but long and tangled wool makes it difficult for the animal to move and worsens hygiene.

We buy wool from angora rabbits only from domestic farms, where the spinning takes place under the conditions of the animals and stress-free. You can watch our partner Villiniity's coiling video and get to know angora rabbits in our blog post .

The Alpaca wool we use for our yarns comes mainly from domestic farms. We buy the black alpaca fiber from the Dutch Tienda Molino alpaca farm .

Alpaca wool must be collected with professional skill and as stress-free as possible for the alpaca and as gently as possible. Australian professional Chris Williams arrives in Finland in the spring and rolls the alpacas quickly and painlessly.

The most ecological product is the one, that is in use

The most ecological product is the one, that is in use

Customer Reviews

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Yllättävän ihana pipo

Ostin pipon vähän ylimääräisenä, kun sattui olemaan myymälässä kampanja tuubihuivin kanssa ja halusin huivin ostaa puolisolle lahjaksi. Tuumin, että peruspipolle on käyttöä, vailla olenkin tykästynyt Myssyfarmin värikkäisiin pipoihini. Ajattelin ,että tämmöinen tavallisen näköinen pipo on vähän tylsä, mutta itse asiassa se joustavuutensa ansiosta muotoutuu tosi nätisti päähän. Ei ole liian löysä, mutta ei kiristä koskaan. Ei latista hiuksia liikaa. Ei hiosta, hengittää hyvin, mikä on lenkillä loistava ominaisuus. Tuuli kyllä tulee läpi, mutta tämä pipo sopii erinomaisesti myös takin hupun alla pidettäväksi, koska on ohut ja hyvin istuva. Itselläni ei kutita, kuten lampaanvillaiset piponi tekevät, kun otsa hieman lämpiää. Yksinkertaisen tyylikäs valinta sekä siistiin menoon että sporttisempaan touhuun.

Joka vuodenajan lämmike

Kevyt, ohut ja pehmeä, mutta silti lämmin ja iholle lempeä tuubihuivi mustana sujahtaa sujuvasti kaulaan menoon kuin menoon. Kävely- ja pyöräilylenkeillä loistava, kovilla pakkasilla laitan alimmaksi ihoa vasten ja esimerkiksi Myssyfarmin karheamman suomenlampaanvillaisen kaulurin sen päälle. Ei takuulla palella kaulaa. Syksyllä sujautin tuubihuivin kokeeksi pyöräilykypärän alle, kun pipo olisi vielä ehkä ollut liikaa, mutta paljaat korvat kaipasivat suojaa. Siinä tuli vain se ongelma, että olisi pitänyt olla kaksi tuubia, että olisi saanut luottovermeen myös kaulaan 😁. Ostin tuubihuivin lahjaksi myös puolisolle, joka on työmatkapyöräillyt ja ulkoillut (minun mielestäni kamalan) keinokuitutuubinsa turvin, hänenkin oli pakko myöntää, että kehuni eivät olleet turhia ja nyt sitten mennään tekstiilikaksosina tuubeinemme.

Paras pipo ja tuubi

Omistan aika monta pipoa ja tuubia mutta hankittuani nämä muut ovat jääneet tarpeettomiksi. Äärettömän mukavat ja lämpimät. Suosittelen kokeilemaan👍

Toimii hyvin vaihtelevissa sääolosuhteissa

Olen yllättynyt kuinka monikäyttöinen kyseinen alpakkapipo on. Täällä Etelä-Suomen talvessa sääolosuhteet muuttuvat lähes joka päivä. Tulee siis alas vettä, räntää ja lunta. Välillä on kunnon pakkaskelejä. Kaikissa näissä olosuhteissa pipo on osoittautunut lämpimäksi ja jopa vettä pitäväksi. Jos kovilla pakkasilla tuulee, niin alle on hyvä laittaa panta tai nostaa tuubihuivi korville, sillä tuuli menee jonkin verran piposta läpi.
Parasta kuitenkin on, että pipo sopii oikeasti niin arkeen kuin juhlaan. Käytän pipoa niin lenkillä kuin myös lähtiessäni kaupungille. Se säilyy myös uuden näköisenä pitkään.

Valitettavasti kutittaa otsaa

Pipo on tosi kaunis ja tuntuu käteen aivan ihanan silkoiselta. Ruskea sävy on täydellinen. Mutta kutian otsasta herkästi ja tämä valitettavasti kutittaa kun pitää hetkenkin pidempään.

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